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Camella Homes Quezon is located at Isabang, Tayabas City, Quezon.

Coming from Manila – if you are commuting, take a provincial bus from Cubao  going to Lucena. This is about a 4-hour bus ride.  You can go off at the Camella Homes Quezon location.  If you’re travelling privately, you will just have to drive along the South Super Highway or more popularly known as South Luzon Expressway until you get to the  Sto. Tomas junction,  which has two more inner junctions.  Take the road on the left or going southeast towards Lucena. It will pass through the town of Alaminos and San Pablo city in Laguna. Just follow the road once you reach San Pablo then go towards right but do not enter the city proper. Drive past through the next towns in Quezon, namely: Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya and Tayabas. Keep driving towards the right going to Lucena city and if you go left, you will see Tayabas town proper.  The welcoming signage of Camella Quezon is built right there along the national road for everyone’s attention and easy reference.  

 The exact location is at Isabang, Tayabas City, Quezon. Tayabas city was just a sleepy town  more than 300 years since the Spanish occupation before it became a city more than 6 years ago. This city is surely catching up with the rest of its counterpart cities in the CALABARZON area. It is slowly making its presence felt with its modernity, progress and booming economy. 

Tayabas is surrounded by equally rising cities of the province such as Lucena, Lucban, Candelaria and Sariaya. 

This beautiful province, slowly becoming a surf capital in Luzon is more popular for its food fare such as  lambanog  or local wine from coconut, and sweet delicacies.  But more than this, this city is becoming a tourist haven for nothing. Because of its traditional festivals full of life and colors, as well as its heritage homes, resorts, famous landmarks of culture and history, centuries-old stone formations and crosses and more places of interest and leisure --- these all await you for a visit.  

What makes CAMELLA Homes Quezon a community you will love?

Aside from their facilities and amenities, several landmarks are worthy of attention. It is a blessing that its location is so accessible the different places of comfort and interest. Here’s why: 

  • For the students, there are a lot of schools to choose from: Calayan Educational Foundation Inc., Sacred Heart College, Southern Luzon State University – Training and Livelihood, AMA Lucena, and City College Lucena. There are equally good schools and universities in nearby cities so you can also explore options  and ask around so you can really provide the  best education for your children and family members from these institutions.  
  • For your religious needs – you can go to Saint Ferdinand Cathedral as well as local churches in the neighboring towns of Tayabas. Find solace and comfort as you visit and pray in these churches. 
  • For health, medical and emergency needs – several private hospitals like Lucena United Memorial District Hospital, St. Anne General Hospital and Quezon MMG Medical Plaza are all within proximity.  Other hospitals in neighboring cities are also just a distance away.
  • For your retail and leisure needs – malls like SM City Lucena, Metro Gaisano  and Pacific Mall Lucena are just nearby. Be sure to enjoy lounging around these malls with your love ones and friends. 

The neighboring cities of Candelaria and Sariaya also have their places of interest, retail, leisure, education and worship and homeowners’ proximity to these is equally beneficial. There are enough business and commercial establishments that lend support to the wants and needs of every CAMELLA Quezon resident. Everything is within their reach.

Commercial / Shopping Centers and Malls :

  • SM City Lucena
  • Pacific Mall Lucena
  • Metro Gaisano

Places of Worship :

  • Saint Ferdinand Cathedral

Schools :

  • Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
  • Maryhill College (formerly Marknoll Academy)
  • Calayan Education Foundation Inc.
  • Sacred Heart College
  • STI Lucena
  • Southern Luzon State University -Training & Livelihood
  • St. Anne College Lucena Inc.
  • AMA Lucena
  • St. Augustine Lucena
  • City College of Lucena
  • ABE College

Hospitals :

  • Lucena United Memorial District Hospital
  • Mt. Carmel Diocesan General Hospital,
  • St. Anne General Hospital
  • Quezon Medical Center (Quezon Memorial Hospital)
  • Quezon MMG Medical Plaza
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